Monday, November 1, 2010

The pleasures of fall

Wow - it has been awhile since I posted. Too long.

In the spirit of celebrating life's little things, I just want to stop and remember some of the simple pleasures of fall:

* Homemade caramel apples
* Mashed squash that is almost as sweet as candy even without adding brown sugar (carnival squash - yum!)
* Toasted pumpkin seeds
* Crunching through fallen leaves (at 35, I still veer toward leaves rather than away from them, because I love the sound)
* The first fireplace fire of the season
* Red wine
* Good books and curling up inside while the wind rages outside
* Sweaters
* Jeans
* Indian Summer days when the sunshine feels so good
* More sleep because it's darker (morning and night) and you just can't keep your eyes open

* Decorating the house with crafty, pretty things
* More time to spend inside, cuddled on the couch with your partner

Here's hoping that fall brings many wonderful things to your family.

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