Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lifetime learning

One of the things that C. and I both enjoy is continued learning, whether from reading or taking classes.

Last night, we shared in a new learning experience together - a sauce-making class at a local cooking school. We learned all the basic "mother" sauces: homemade mayonnaise (a hundred times better than jarred), pesto, hollandaise, vinaigrette, bechamel, veloute, demi glace, beurre blanc and creme anglaise.

The class of 20 people was divided into groups of three. C. and I worked with another gal to make the vinaigrette and creme anglaise, which we helped demo for the rest of the class. Each team then did a demo of their sauce. At the end, we sat down to enjoy various dishes (chicken, beef, asparagus, salad, strawberries, mac n cheese) with the sauces.

It was such a fun class - something I have been wanting to do for a long time. Mostly, it was fun to share something new like that with C. We both enjoy cooking and I hope moments like these inspire us to cook together more.

I will need to practice these sauces, I know. They are all about getting the timing right, and that is my biggest challenge when cooking.

I'll let you know when we make a few of these at home successfully. Hopefully we will add our personal twists to the base sauces.

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