Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It has been a really difficult couple of days (I don't really feel like talking about it here right now, but it relates to being a stepmom).

On days like these, I am reminded of what amazing women I have in my life. Today, I was able to call and talk to one of my best friends, as well as my sister. They are both strong, smart women and they are both moms. Their sympathetic ears and wisdom were exactly what I needed today.

So, I wanted to pause and say "thank you" to them and to all women who are good friends to each other. Female friendships are definitely unique and one of the greatest gifts in my life.


  1. Oh boy. Although I'm not a stepmom, I feel like I can imagine the tough things that go along with this new role and the transition. Your whole life has been turned around lately--for many happy reasons, but it's changed nonetheless. Give yourself the time and the chance to vent--you will find your way through this "new normal." I'm thinking about you, and looking forward to the 17th. :)

  2. Sometimes we forget about our friends, so it's nice to Thank them for being there, if nothing else.

  3. Reading this made me smile today! Friends like you are such a blessing. I LOVE reading your blog. I'm grateful to have you as my friend.