Monday, November 9, 2009


C. and I enjoyed our first kid-free weekend in more than month this past weekend, and it was wonderful. There's nothing like spending some quality one-on-one time together to remind you why you love your spouse.

We went out on a real dinner DATE Saturday night and then saw friends at the roller derby bout.

I even cooked a real meal last night, and we ate dinner in the dining room on our wedding china.

For those of you who have kids -- go on a date! I'm telling you, it works wonders. I know I am new to having kids around, but I already am a big believer that couples need time alone together, without the kids and without talk of the kids. The kids will be better for it, as well, because they get parents who feel refreshed and energetic and who are strong in their love for each other. I think that's the best gift you can give a child -- a warm, loving home environment and a good example of what healthy love looks like between adults.

So, some of the many little reasons for my big love for C.:

- He's funny. He keeps me laughing all the time.

- He can be really serious, as well - it's a good balance.
- He's a good friend. He makes time for his friends and truly cares about them.

- He has great taste -- in food, music, clothes, books...
- He believes in constant growth and learning in life.
- He's hot. ;)
- He is just a good, good man - and I am lucky to be his wife.

I am glowing today, and I am so thankful to have had such a great couple of days with my husband.

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