Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Little thing meditation

It has been a rough couple of weeks, and I am in the midst of a mild depression. I know I will snap out of it, but I'm not quite there yet.

In the meantime, reminding myself of the little things for which I am grateful or just the little things that make me smile, helps.

Here are my little things from the past several days:

-- I had a blissful massage and chocolate body wrap on Friday (a gift from C.). During the body wrap, the girl left me alone for about 30 minutes. My mind literally went blank. It was amazing.

-- I took my dog to her favorite dog park yesterday. It is now a 45-minute drive, but so worth it. We have space to actually hike together and she gets to stop and play with the occasional dog. They installed agility equipment since we were last there, and I had fun running her through the course.

-- After that, I took her to my folks' house -- where I talked to my parents and my dog played for hours with their dog.

-- I had a four-day weekend. I didn't think about work once.

-- I had lunch with my sisters on Friday. I am so thrilled we all live in the same state again and can do that now.

-- C. and I went to the local brewery for dinner Friday night. I enjoyed the brown ale I tried and the time with C.

-- Yesterday was a beautiful, warm day.

-- I started my drawing class last week. Tonight is my second class. It feels good to do something new - and something that is just for me.

-- I get the house to myself tonight, because C. is traveling. I always miss him when he goes, but I also enjoy some solitude.

-- I had a delicious Maine lobster roll on Saturday night when we went out with friends. Yum!

-- The office is relatively quiet today and I am letting work stuff roll off my back.


Any good little things in your life this week??


  1. You're taking a drawing class?!?!? COOL! From all you wrote, it sounds like you had a pretty nice week. Hang on to these moments--and keep doing them! It's going to make things easier to get through.

  2. That's a great list. For me, I went to the library and realized what a good one we have. I got a few books to read. I've been getting to bed earlier and it really helps me the next day.

    Hope your week is beginning to look up.

  3. It's so nice to do things that you enjoy, isn't it? what a good start for the week. I saw Avatar yesterday and the beautiful movie really took me to another world (I didn't think it would). When it's over, I found myself reluctant to leave. That was such a good feeling...

  4. Mun - I saw Avatar this weekend. It was amazing. I wasn't expecting that, either.