Monday, March 22, 2010

Building thanks

I am starting week two of a 30-day challenge to say only positive things to and about my husband.

The challenge encourages vocalizing thanks and praise for all the good things your spouse does - large and small - every day.

I have always believed in focusing on the bright side. When life is particularly challenging, the bright side for me is often found in the smallest pleasures of everyday life. However, it is still far too easy to fall into the trap of negative thinking.

Making a conscious effort to be grateful and vocalize thanks to your spouse every single day forces you to seek out the positive. Some days, it's a bit of a stretch; but I have found something positive to say every day to C. or to my friends and family about C. The result is an overall increased feeling of goodwill, love and affection for my husband.

I believe this practice can be applied to every aspect of life, and I plan to challenge myself to do just that. Work. Stepmotherhood. Commuting. Even the kids' mom (yikes, that will be a challenge; but it will be worth it if it will help me let go of some anger related to her).

Here's a little jazz positivity break to get you in the mood:


The Sunny Side Of The Street Lyrics


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